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Public Adjusters work for you not the insurance company!

Brief Overview

An insurance adjuster who sent to review and prepare an estimate, works for the insurance company, not for the homeowner. Consequently, the interests of the adjuster lie with the company that pays his or her salary. But don't despair, there is a way to fight back... by contacting us at No Risk Claims Adjusters Inc.

Public Adjusters work for you, the client, not an insurance company. We will give our clients a fair and accurate assessment of their property's damage and make sure that they get back what they deserve for their insurance claim. If there is no recovery, then we don't charge a fee. It's that simple!

Your Insurance Claim After a Disaster.

    1. Contact No Risk Claims Adjusters Inc :

  • Call No Risk Claims Adjusters Inc as soon as possible and let us know about the severity of the damage. We will notify your claim to your insurance company.
  • Make sure you give us all of your contact information to make it easy for us to contact you.
  • If you can't live in your house and you have to stay at a motel or with friends, you have the right to some cash. Insurance companies will reimburse you for the additional cost of living expenses. This reimbursement will even cover restaurant meals within reason. Keep track of mileage and all extra expenses.
  • 2. Make emergency repairs:

  • Make temporary repairs but do not compromise your safety or health. Always stay on the side of safety.
  • 3. Document, document, document

  • It's up to you to substantiate your loss. Think about photographing or videotaping the damage. Make an inventory of damaged items. Keep all records and a list of people that you speak to. The more organized you are, the better.
  • 4. Watch out for scammers:

  • If your home was destroyed by a storm, fire, or other disaster, be cautious. There are dishonest service providers that prey on disaster victims. Don't be rushed into signing a contract with any roofing or building company. Investigate the track record of any roofer, contractor or public adjuster that you consider hiring. Never give anyone a deposit until you have done your homework.
  • 5. Protect your settlement:

  • If you're not happy with how the claim is settled, go back to the adjuster and document your side to the head of the claims department. If you're still not satisfied, you can hire a good public adjuster. Mediations and the appraisal process can be extremely dangerous without professional representation. A public insurance adjuster documents the damages and will organize your claim. A public adjuster then meets with your insurance company to maximize the return on your policy. You typically pay them a percentage of your claim. No Risk Claims Adjusters Inc has public adjusters serving consumers in the South Florida Area. Many claims can become a battle, but do not get discouraged, No Risk Claims Adjusters Inc is here to help you
  • 6. Protect your settlement:Did You Get Enough Money For Your Property Claim From Your Insurance Company?

  • Many homeowners have discovered damages three to six months after their original claim. These damages can be the result of water inside the walls, under the baseboards, and in the ceiling insulation. Furniture may become discolored, stained, split, or peel. Electronics and appliances may cease operating due to smoke or water contamination. These damages may not be immediately apparent, but they get progressively worse if not repaired.
  • Untreated water damaged areas provide a medium for the growth of mildew, which will not improve and can be a health hazard to you and your family. Sheet rock that has been water damaged is seriously weakened and can crumble after it dries, causing paint to peel and tiles to loosen and fall. Water in the wooden supports can promote swelling, distortion, and rot, seriously devaluating your property and attracting insects, and other pests
  • You may be entitled to significant additional compensation to replace or repair these after affected areas of your loss. No Risk Claims Adjusters Inc is here to help you. We represent YOU, not the insurance company. We will re-open your case and make certain that you receive everything you deserve and are entitled to, without any out-of-pocket expenses to you

Our experienced public adjusters, teamed with our experienced office staff, maximize and expedite our clients' financial claim recovery;

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Did You Get Enough!!!! We Will get You More!!!